Step 1 - Advanced Colon Cleanser

Fiberson-2® - Adding volume, moisture, and reducing transit time for waste, Fibersol-2 helps improve good colon health and function. Fibersol-2 plays an active role in colon cleansing by helping reduce toxins and parasites that often lay in the digestive system. Recent research and studies have revealed that Fibersol-2 can help promote regular bowel movements and even increase the size of fecal matter. What is amazing about Fibersol-2 is that its capacity to increase probiotic levels in the large intestine helping reduce the presence of parasites within your colon.

Linum Life® - Touted as the most concentrated source of flax lignans in the market, LinumLIfe is recognized as a flax ingredient rich in lignans. Rich in phytoestrogenic effects, LinumLIfe provides lignans that are 10-30 more potent than any other flax ingredients. LinumLife and its high phytoestrogens can create improved prostate health, improve skin condition, removes acne, and has high antioxidant level. In fact, LinumLife has been reported to support colon cell health. Through its content of dietary fibers and antioxidant properties, LinumLife will help cleanse and improve the health of your colon.

Psyllium - As one of the most powerful colon cleansers on the market, Psyllium is a highly soluble dietary fiber that has been designed to improve colon health. Psyllium actually helps remove the toxins and waste from our digestive system by uniquely creating lubricated lining around the intestines. Thus creating an easier pathway for wastes and toxins to be naturally removed from your digestive system.

Viscofiber® - Created with the premium quality barley and oat soluble fiber, Viscofiber is a key ingredient used in high end products aimed towards improving digestion and intestinal function. Viscofiber stabilizes intestinal contractions, relieves constipation and diaherra, and supports regular bowel functions. As a powerful all natural aid to your digestive system, there is no other ingredient better than Viscofiber.

Litesse® - You can obtain multiple health benefits with Litesse. Litesse is a specialty carbohydrate that is prebiotic and widely recognized as healthy dietary fiber. It is used to help reduce digestive disorders, improves the balance of the intestinal microflora, reduce fat, and balance the gastrointestinal tract.

Corowise® - Corowise is a product derived from natural plant extracts and plant sterols that is used to help reduce cholesterol, help purify the liver, and improve cardiovascular health. Clinical studies suggest that plant sterols can reduce cholesterol 8-15% without any known adverse side effects.

Buckwheat Fiber - As one of the world's healthiest foods, buckwheat is a fruit seed that is good for the cardiovascular system, can control blood sugar, and keeps your digestive system running regularly with high amounts of healthy fiber in Buckwheat.

Apple Pectin - A dietary fiber, apple pectin works to maintain good digestive health and can be found in peaches, apples, currants, and plums.

Vitaberry™ - With an amazing value of ORAC levels, VitaBerry is a powerful antioxidant providers. Just one gram of VitaBerry provides 6,000 ORAC units. It is made up of all-natural freeze-dried fruit powders and extracts to bring very best phytochemicals to improve the overall health of any consumer.